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Rules and Regulations

Important Rules and Regulations

  • Visiting hours are 8:00 am until dusk.
  • Office hours are 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday thru Friday;  Saturday by appointment only 
  • The speed limit throughout the cemetery is 15 mph.  Vehicles must be kept on the roadways
  • Recreational activities are prohibited. No skateboarding, roller-blading, golf, etc.
  • Walking pets is prohibited; pets and domestic animals are not allowed on cemetery grounds or in any buildings with the exception of service animals.
  • Anyone visiting the cemetery does so at his own risk.

Flower Planting, Floral Tribute Placement & Memorial Guidelines and Maintenance Safety Requirements

  • The Cemetery is not responsible for any flowers or decorations. Decorating the graves is done at your own risk.
  • Unmaintained flowers or decorations will be removed.
  • The planting of flowers on lots or graves is limited to a one-foot space at the base of a raised monument or marker and only the length of the raised monument or marker.  Flowers are not permitted to be planted on flat marker memorials.
  • Perennial Flowers and plants and Shrubs are not permitted.
  • Any planting done to the rear of a memorial is actually on the lot of another and will be removed without notice.
  • Stones, marble chips, edging material, fencing, statues, figurines, “knick-knacks, toys, inflatable dolls, balloons, stuffed dolls, glass, ceramic, plastic globes or vases, vigil lights, flags, or banners on metal stands and all items of like or similar design and material composition present an extreme safety hazard for everyone and greatly hinder the effective and efficient maintenance operations of the cemetery grounds and thus are prohibited from use.
  • Artificial flowers may only be used from November 1st until one week after Easter Sunday.  The exception is Poppies on Veterans graves for Memorial Day.
  • Christmas decorations are permitted from November 1st until March 15th.  Spring cleanup will be March 15th – all Christmas decorations will be removed.
  • On flat marker memorials, plants are permitted for Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Easter with two days allowed for decorating and one week after for picking up plants or decorations before maintenance staff clean up.
  • All items that do not conform to these guidelines will be removed without prior notice.

Grave markers are used to mark the grave of a loved one.  The monument dealer, where you purchase your monument or marker, must install the monuments and grave markers in West Newton Cemetery.  The West Newton Cemetery does not sell or install monuments or markers; nor do we accept delivery of any monument or marker that needs to be installed.   The West Newton Cemetery works closely with local monument companies that will install monuments.