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Public support is always welcome to guarantee to our survival as a viable resource for the West Newton Community. Donations are always welcome and needed can be made to the West Newton Cemetery Association a 501(c)  Charitable donations are tax deductible .

If you have a specific idea to make the Cemetery better, simply share with us what that is , and if it fits into our plans and needs we will execute. Or, general donations will be applied to Cemetery needs which we will share with you before you make the donation. We have many needs that our general budget does not permit these items to get implemented . West Newton Cemetery was established in 1852.

Mariana Boes Kotouch 

The Board wants to give a very special thanks to Mariana Boes Kotouch for her ongoing support.

  •  2015 New Chapel Bells and Music playback system.
  • 2017 New complete Security system for entire office and Garage.
  • 2017 1st Ever Cemetery Website Design and implementation.
  • 2017 Live Christmas tree for personal memorials.
  • 2017 Live Christmas Wreaths for office and Chapel.
  • 2017 Cash donation.
  • 2018 Cash donation for new Chapel roof.
  • 2018 Live Christmas Wreaths for our Chapel and office.
  • 2018 Live 10 foot fully decorated Christmas tree located inside our  gates.
  • 2018 Cash donation for our road repairs .

The Board wants to give a very special thanks to Gary Johnson for his generosity from Gary’s Chuckwagon Restaurant for a much needed update to our Cemetery outdoor events a new Yamaha Stage Pass Public Address system to be used for the first time Memorial Day